Who is who in the Miami art Scene

For any and all inquisitive minds that want to know just who keeps the Miami art world on the map, there are many names on the list. It is a collective and at times collaborative effort not to mention a labor of love that spans across mediums and genres alike. However, there are a few key individuals like
George Lindemann
 and organizations that lead others and set a level of standard for the community itself.

One name that is repeated and respected within Miami art collection circles is Martin Margulies for more than one reason. His passion, expertise, business savvy and ambition are all major parts of the aficionado that he is today. His collection of artistic artifacts which number into the hundreds of thousands is another piece of his celebrity and personality.

When it comes to Miami power couples who love collecting, preserving and sharing art with each other and the entire world, Carlos and Rosa de la Cruz deserve recognition. They embody one of the oldest cannons of artistic service by sharing all the beauty and wonder of their acquisitions free of charge. The collection that bares their name is located in the city’s Design District.

If one counts galleries as collectors, there are almost too many to keep track of in Miami. Nevertheless, there are iconic institutions with staying power that inspire and guide present and future generations to take up the mantle of collection. And, without a doubt, artistry and artistic expression can be described as an institution.

As a matter of fact, the David Castillo gallery has a penchant for scouting, supporting and launching the careers of some of Miami’s most talented up and comers. It is what the gallery does, and it performs this task in an almost meteoric and maverick fashion. The number of showcases under its belt speaks to the fact that artists can show hustle and deliver quality product on time just like other professionals are expected to do.

As a “double threat” in Miami’s artistic community, Romero Britto and his gallery Britto Central are easily the talk of the town. Undoubtedly, this is due to the fact that he is both talent and venue when it comes to his status within the community. And, although his work is on display in other galleries in locations spanning across the globe, he is still very much in touch his roots career wise.