Types of Art You Can Buy in Miami

Residents and visitors can buy many wonderful pieces of art in Miami which has a strong reputation for supporting artists of various styles. The trick is knowing just where to look to get the best art available depending on which style interests you the most.


There are several places to get ceramics in Miami. One of the best places to start is at the Ceramic League of Miami located at 8 873 SW 129th Street where various artists present their work in the league’s gallery. Art buyers can often find work by James Herring, Anne Gorden-Vega and Polo Ramirez.


Gallery owners offering paintings to unique clients like George Lindemann in a variety of styles in Miami. The Yeelen Gallery located at 294 NW 54th Street in Little Haiti presents amazing pieces focused on realism and social practice. Very nearby at 6300 NW Second Avenue, the Pan American Arts Project presents art from throughout the Americas with a special emphasis on artists from South and Central America. At Macaya Gallery, located at 145 NW 36th Street in the Wynwood District features thought provoking colorful works of art standing in contrast to the gallery’s white walls.


While the Bakehouse Art Complex located at 561 NW 32nd Street offers art for sale in various mediums, the sculptures here are outstanding. Most are done by local artists including some who work at the Bakehouse full time. Brazilian native Romero Britto’s colorful pop art is known around the world. Many of his works of art are available at his gallery located at 1102 Lincoln Road. Another great place to get sculptures in Miami is at the Avant Gallery located within the Epic Hotel. Many of these pieces of sculpture are not only beautiful but serve a function as well.


While you may find photography in many art studios in Miami, there are some outstanding ones that primarily focus on this form of art. One of those is the Center for Visual Communication located at 541 NW 27th Street where various artists regularly hold exhibitions of their local photography including Everglade shoots. Another great photography gallery in Miami is the Dina Mitran Gallery where she collaborates with artist from throughout the world to bring the best work to Miami. Her gallery, which culminates a 20 year career as a photographer, is found at 2620 NW 2ND Avenue.