Top 6 Well known art collectors in Miami

Miami is one of the world’s most-popular cities. It is located on the coastal region of south Florida, United States. Miami is famously known to be the home of entertainment, art and spectacular museums. Some of the museums found in this city include: the Frost Art Museum, Miami art museum, and the Miami Children’s Museum just to mention a few.

The city also boasts of having the largest Art Exhibition in the world; the Art Basel Miami, commonly referred to by many as the Olympics of art. It is an annual event taking place in the month of December. The Olympics-of-art pulls a huge number of people from around the globe.

Art collection in the city has significantly increased in the recent past. The increase is particularly attributed to the emergence of wealthy collectors in the region. This has equally attracted a big numbers of industry players into the sector that is now being considered lucrative. Below is a list of some of well-known art collectors in Miami.

• Jorge Perez
George Lindemann Art Basel in Miami
• Norman Braman
• Martin Margulies
• The Rubell Family Collection

Jorge Perez

The Argentinean born businessman is one of the high-profile investors in Miami. He is the chairman and CEO of the related group. His rich art-collections have seen him donate huge sums of money to the local museum. His home and recent developments display his true love for art. Perez is reported to have developed his brand out of art-business.

The Art Basel Miami

It is known to be one of the most-famous art collectors in the region. The festival attracts artists and other collectors to a public family art exhibition.

Norman Braman

Norman is a rich-billionaire and a popular art-investor in the city. He has earned himself billions of money from art collection. Norman has been mentioned to be the key benefactor form one of the local art companies.

Martin Margulies

He is a popular art-collector in Miami city. He is decorated to be one of the few people in the area with unique art-collection techniques. Martin has a unique set of art. His products are in most cases different from the rest. He owns an art-warehouse in Miami.

The Rubell Family collection

This family is specifically famous because of extensive-collection of art. They do exhibit at Basel festival. The six are some of the most well-known art collectors in the city.