The Top Eight Common Benefits of U.S. Boarding Schools

In the perennial music classic, “The Sound of Music,” upon learning that her intended widower fiancé, actor Christopher Plummer had ten children, the three-times Oscar-nominated actress Eleanor Parker had a memorable line among many others: “Really, George, you should consider boarding schools–a wonderful invention!”

While not every parent may have ten children, boarding schools are once again becoming vogue. The below article will cover just eight of the many advantages to boarding schools that have withstood the decades since they were established in not only the United States, but worldwide as well.

1. Top Hiring Practices: As a general rule, boarding schools like St. George’s School hire top-notch teachers with degrees in their chosen subjects. Moreover, many of the teaching staff don’t have to worry about disciplinary problems as their public school teacher counterparts do today. They generally set the rules and are backed in their decisions.

2. An Emphasis On Sports: A wide range of top-rated sports activities and facilities mark the features offered at boarding schools including squash, hockey, basketball, soccer, equestrian and varsity events.

3. Accelerated Programs: Anything and everything artistically oriented is fair game at boarding schools. Theater, dance, music, performing arts centers, art galleries and museums are also included as part of the curricula. In addition to chamber music, pipe organ and choir recitals, many other more modern studies in these areas are provided–digital graphic technology being one particularly popular course of study.

4. Academic Excellence: As a rule, a boarding school has a higher set of educational values and standards than do government public schools. For instance, a public school may or may not read one Shakespearean play a year. In typical private or boarding schools, two or three plays by Shakespeare are read as a minimum.

5. Selective Admission: Not all boarding schools freely admit just any student as such. Previous achievement in various areas are all criteria before being admitted. This factor, of course, and being able to afford the school in the first place.

6. Exceptional Library and Media Facilities: A commonly known fact is that many boarding schools maintain library and media facilities that are on the same par, if not more so, than large community colleges.

7. Alignment with Life-Long Relationships: Meeting up with and fellow-shipping with people that know you and know what you are about is all part of the boarding school experience.

8. Small-Sized Classroom: Perhaps the strongest selling point of boarding schools, besides academic excellence, is the one-on-one tutoring ambiance that is nurtured by the size of a small 10-15 classroom capacity area and a typical 500-strong student body size.

This, in addition to more opportunities for teacher and student interaction, help make boarding schools well worth the effort and investment for those who can enter these distinguished gates of higher education.