The Themes People Need To Believe

There is just nothing better than curling up with a good book and losing oneself to the passion of the written word. Understandably, reading is a favored pastime that has survived the ages, people greedily seeking out anything from dime store novels to bestselling books. Interestingly enough, themes haven’t truly changed, either, no matter the plot, the characters or the end results. Why is that? Perhaps the messages and ideas carried in those pages are the ones people most need to read and believe.

Evil Never Prevails

Time and time again, the criminal is caught and forced to pay for his or her crimes no matter how intelligent or resourceful. This is a common theme not only in crime and mystery but romance and even coming-of-age novels. Maybe this is driven by a need to believe the guilty will always pay for their sins, the innocent protected and morality preserved.

Beating the Odds

Adversity is a key ingredient in reality and fantasy, although people are more apt to enjoy the latter. In fact, it may well be because people so often face hardships in their own lives they want to read about the trials and tribulations of others. After all, most are inspired by a heartwarming tale of overcoming adversity no matter the odds, giving birth to hope they will do the same.


Love Will Survive

A common theme, no matter the genre or plot, is love. There are even bestselling horror novels in which the evil is overcome and love is discovered. Why? Very simply put, people not only need love but want love. Reading about how love survives everything thrown its way or how love will be discovered no matter what may well assure people they will find their soul mate one day.

Family Is Everything

Family bonds are perhaps the strongest known and enjoyed by people, but there are times those ties are stretched to the point of breaking. Undeniably, this is a popular theme in books, many drinking in the words that tell the tale of how a family stood together against the world and overcame the hardships they faced. When one stops to consider how horrible life without family seems, there is little question as to why this is a common theme. In the end, what people need to believe in the most are the themes found most often in the books they read.