Styles of art you can buy in Miami

To find glamor in Miami, one simply has to look at the sky, the crowds on the beach or if you can be more prudent, it’s colorful art deco buildings. The Miami gallery scene has so much to offer and for those who are interested in collecting art, or simply viewing art in Miami, this is the place to be thanks to its cheery advocacy of fine arts. Each year, hordes of art appreciators, amateurs, collectors, curators and dealers go down for a portion of the best art Miami can offer. The art galleries in Miami feature contemporary art as well as paintings, fine art photography, traditional fine art, glass art, print, sculpture and other styles of visual art and also, several galleries in Miami also specialize in Latin American art. Apart from the art galleries, other places you can view art in Miami and snap up some more body of work include boutiques, art stores, community art fairs or the Art Basel Miami Beach which happen annually.

Art enthusiast George Lindemann who visits Miami get their pick when landing in Miami. When it comes to the art collection, it is advisable not to miss out on the art fairs throughout Miami especially the Art Basel Miami Beach. The Art Basel Miami Beach is famously known for its artistic flame that transformed Miami and its place in the global art community. This conglomeration of art enthusiasts is a week-long where one can get to view Miami’s private art sector whose collections which are quite profound and impressive. Some of the leading collections on showcase at the Art Basel include:

The Margulies Collection
Martin Z. Margulies, the famed Miami art collector, has gathered sculptures, photography, installations, and video whose collection includes unforgettable wonders such as an entire train cutout and a towering geometric matrix that will leave you speechless.

The De la Cruz Collection
This couple’s collection at the Contemporary Art Space is Miami’s only free private collection where one can get to see some of their breathtaking collection including the amorphous forms of Aaron Curry, Kathryn Andrews’ huge birthday candles and the largest Ping-Pong table you will ever see.

The Rubell Family Collection
Rubell Family supports art education and champions emerging and established artists alike. Just recently, the collection received a major artwork by California artists from Kenneth L. Freed, a Boston collector.
For more of the Miami wonders, you can visit websites online, or you will never lack anything on the Miami art deco district.