Top Valentine Day Recommendations for Her

Well guys, it’s that time of year again! It’s time to show your loved ones your appreciation with the perfect gift. It can be difficult for a man to know what us ladies really like, so we’ve decided to give some recommendations! Whether its for your mother, wife, sister or friend – trust us, we know what us women like.

Scented Candles

This is one of the most basic, yet very welcomed gift for women. Every woman loves some great smelling candles. They are beautiful, and they bring her home to life with the delicious scents.

Essential Oils
Oils have so many different uses and purposes. There’s body oils, burning oils and hair oils. Oils are a great natural thing with amazing scents. Mannatech’s Essential Oils Serenity Kit is my special #1 recommendation for you, because I have one of my own! This is like an at home aromatherapy journey. It’s amazing, and sure to please ANY lady in your life! I highly recommend Mannatech’s oil kit that even comes with its own oil diffuser.

There is no woman on Earth that doesn’t like smelling good. The only difficult part about buying perfume for a woman, is knowing what her preferred scent is. Once you know what types of scents she likes, the rest is easy!

Bath Salts
Us women enjoy our “me” time. There’s nothing better than a nice relaxing bath to ease our mind and body (maybe with some of those scented candles too). Having some nice bath salts in your relaxing bath is a great thing! Click Here ( to check out my special recommendation for some Chakra Bath Salts.

What woman doesn’t love jewelry? Of course, we all do. Whether it’s a necklace for mom, a ring for your wife, or a bracelet for your sister – you can’t go wrong with jewelry. There are so many beautiful options for any of your special ladies.

No matter what you get for the special ladies in your life, just remember that it’s the thought that counts! Every woman is different in the things …

National Harbor Marina under the Management of IGY Marinas

On October 20, 2016, IGY Marinas made a huge announcement. It included National Harbor Marina to many of its locations. The new addition marked a significant stride for IGY Marinas because for the first time; it got the opportunity to avail its services to the travelers in Washington DC.

The inclusion of the Northeast location was in line with its larger expansion strategy. According to the IGY Marina’s CEO, Tom Mukamal, and under leadership of IGY Chairman Andrew Farkas, National Harbor Marina has grown into a major tour destination, and one of the most sought after spots for new development projects. This is one of the reasons why IGY Marinas jumped at the opportunity to help make its dream of expanding its presence in the area, a reality.

Tom added that National Harbor and the Washington DC areas were top on company’s list. He argued that due to the successful developments that have been witnessed in the area; IGY Marina has a lot to offer as a yachting destination. He expressed Marina’s enthusiasm to work with the local stakeholders and its strategic partners within the industry to turn the National Harbor into the epicenter of yachting in the region.

Part of the integration process is the collaboration of IGY Marinas and National Harbor Marina to begin the implementation of the services and operations of the company. Plans are underway by the IGY Marinas to leverage its present relationship within its network and host special events. To facilitate a raised maritime profile of the Marina, IGY intends to conduct charitable initiatives.

The strategic location of the National Harbor Marina, in Smoots Bay, along Potomac River, makes it premier Marina within the Chesapeake Bay region. It features all the amenities associated with a waterfront resort, including professional staff and facilities. Amenities available include cable, Wi-Fi, water and refuse bins, laundry facilities, private shower, and pin-coded security gate entrance. The Marina has more than 70 floating dock slips with the capacity to accommodate yachts that are above 150 feet long and up to 9-foot draft.

National Harbor Marina is known for …

How to Boost your Immune System this Winter

A perfect storm was created this past year that allowed the elements to wreak havoc on everyone’s immune system. 2016 was full of stressful situations, and the current winter weather is a blast that could put many people’s bodies in an immune conundrum.

The day-to-day concerns of 2016 were enough to make the most healthy individuals question the integrity of their diets, their fitness regimens, and their pet health efforts. In short, 2016 was tough! Combined with the prolonged subzero temperatures of the present winter season, an extreme condition for diminished immunity looms.

Take heart! Many of the routines and plans for year-round immune health are absolutely what is needed to weather this year’s cold snap and all of life’s stress.

Continue Daily Vitamin Intake
A balanced diet is the surest way to assist the body in all of its immune functions. Every cell, nerve system, and hormone control is affected by the nutrients absorbed through a balanced diet. Along with a good diet, multivitamins and targeted supplements should be maintained daily. When cold weather and season changes happen, the body will naturally react in a defensive mode. Without nutritional and vitamin support, this shock period could result in negative immune reactions. Solid multivitamin regimens regulate the shock and promote proper immune performance even when environmental conditions swing radically. For example, taking a multi-vitamin or supplement like Mannatech’s Manapol Powder can help boost one’s immune system.

Exercise Several Times Each Week
During the cold months, the immune system works overtime to rid the body of viruses and germs. Exercise that taxes muscles and the cardiovascular system signal the brain and body to transport waste materials and repair cells at an accelerated pace. Regular exercise tells the immune system to reserve more nutrients and energy for the disease and virus-fighting response.

Find Relaxing and Interactive Activities
More and more studies are proving that immune deficiencies can result when a person’s brain produces a flood of unwanted negative hormones. Being sedentary is a natural defense response in the winter, but activity counters this. Spending the winter enjoying fun activities and interacting with …

How Urban Real Estate Development Is Helping NYC Neighborhoods

Urban designs and modern energy developments are replacing NYC’s past with new structures. Even the suburbs have chosen new apartment buildings and condominium communities. These new designs are helping improve its neighborhood’s activity centers and downtown village lifestyles. Today, NYC residents have a preference. They are enjoying the ability to customize versus buying a fixer upper. It may be the single reason why urban real estate development is working better today.

Urban Development Trends

The urban real estate development trends have split into several markets. Multi-family housing is undergoing some changes as empty nesters begin downsizing. And the young professionals and growing families are looking for more space. Millennials have taken the leap and looking to enjoy a more urbanized style of living. What they all have in common is a desire for convenience within the neighborhood of choice.

Not everyone’s dream home has a back yard. Real estate developers are listening. Residents will find multiple unit complexes within walking distance to transportation systems and the social luxuries of NYC. The designs in NYC are upgraded with functional modern spaces. It’s a quality of life found only in NYC existing in thriving real estate communities.

Neighborhood Amenities

City life in NYC is vibrant with its restaurants, concert hall, movie theaters and parks. Today, there are more choices of modern housing from townhouses, condominiums to apartments. As part of the revitalization the new construction is comprised of rental units. And located on the bottom floor for easy access are retail stores and cultural spaces. A few celebrities choosing to make NYC communities home include Adam Sandler, Ann Hathaway, Joe Sitt, and Eddie Murphy.

Urban real estate development has helped to fulfil dreams. For many choosing to live at a distance from the inner city but still close to the action is a goal. Growing families are opting to take advantage of sharing community services. And individuals who grew up in suburbs with close net communities have a desire to raise their own families in the same environment.


Real estate developers are creating designs to fit a changing a city …

How Do Celebrities Come To Miami and Change Into Art Collectors?

The city of Miami is known for its sunshine, sports teams and beach lifestyle. Visitors to the city may come down for a visit to the city’s beaches, or they may come to the center of the city where the Design District sits. This article explains how the most famous patrons in America travel to south Florida for a bit of collecting and enjoyment. Art is a fine investment for anyone, and celebrities are flooding the city to find their newest art partners.

#1: Who Collects In The City?

Everyone from Orlando Bloom, George Lindemann, to Leonardo DiCaprio has made their way to the city, and the city hosts stars such as Bella Thorne, Alicia Keys and Metallica. These celebrities come to the city to vacation, and they quite enjoy being away from their daily lives. They have a high time in the city where they are photographed in the Design District, on the beach or in clubs at night. They may collect art in the light of day when they are not enjoying their leisure activities.

#2: Celebrities Come To Basel Every Year

The famous people who flood the Basel art festival are there because they want to be seen. They want to know where their colleagues are investing their money, and they wish to see what new artists are displaying at the festival. It is a beautiful place to be, and it is so active that no one celebrity may visit every stall.

#3: What Sort Of Art Is Purchased?

Art purchased in the city exists in several different forms. Artists create paintings, sculptures and murals in many sizes. Private art collectors often purchase single pieces they may carry home with them, and there are quite a few art collectors who purchase commissions in advance. The commissions are exhibited in places such as Basel, and the art is taken home by the celebrity at the end of the festival. Shopping for an ordering custom art is quite a lot of fun for celebrities.

Art in Miami is becoming a cottage industry unto itself with the improvement …

US boarding schools offer elite education

An education is the foundation of a person’s life. Your child is no exception. You want to make sure all of your children have the best possible education in order to help them succeed in anything they do. One of the best ways to do this is with the right schooling. As so many parents have discovered, sending a child to boarding school is an ideal solution. Sending a child to a boarding school has many advantages. A child who enters a boarding school learns to become self-sufficient, creates friendship networks that can serve them well all their lives and frequently has access to flight educational resources that are hard to find in any other way. Top schools in the US include the likes of Phillips Exeter, St. George’s School under Eric F. Peterson, and Blue Ridge School, among others.
Maturing Well

As children grow up, they need to take on increasingly complicated tasks. A child will need to master complicated academic material that can prepare them for a good job and higher education. When they attend boarding school, they find they are forced to be more self-reliant and to trust their own judgment. Instead of running to a parent to get help for any problem they happen to encounter, the child may realize they must develop their own inner coping resources.

Making Friends

Another important advantage of a boarding school education is the chance to make friends from around the world. Many boarding schools have a highly diverse population. Students may attend not only from the local community but from other parts of the country and even from other parts of the world as well. A child who is comfortable with others of varied backgrounds is one who is likely to succeed in today’s increasingly diverse world. They learn to see the world through the perspective other points of view. Having friends in other parts of the world can also help them find a job in other part of the globe.

More Varied Resources

Boarding schools also offer more educational and other resources. In many cases, classes …

The Top Eight Common Benefits of U.S. Boarding Schools

In the perennial music classic, “The Sound of Music,” upon learning that her intended widower fiancé, actor Christopher Plummer had ten children, the three-times Oscar-nominated actress Eleanor Parker had a memorable line among many others: “Really, George, you should consider boarding schools–a wonderful invention!”

While not every parent may have ten children, boarding schools are once again becoming vogue. The below article will cover just eight of the many advantages to boarding schools that have withstood the decades since they were established in not only the United States, but worldwide as well.

1. Top Hiring Practices: As a general rule, boarding schools like St. George’s School hire top-notch teachers with degrees in their chosen subjects. Moreover, many of the teaching staff don’t have to worry about disciplinary problems as their public school teacher counterparts do today. They generally set the rules and are backed in their decisions.

2. An Emphasis On Sports: A wide range of top-rated sports activities and facilities mark the features offered at boarding schools including squash, hockey, basketball, soccer, equestrian and varsity events.

3. Accelerated Programs: Anything and everything artistically oriented is fair game at boarding schools. Theater, dance, music, performing arts centers, art galleries and museums are also included as part of the curricula. In addition to chamber music, pipe organ and choir recitals, many other more modern studies in these areas are provided–digital graphic technology being one particularly popular course of study.

4. Academic Excellence: As a rule, a boarding school has a higher set of educational values and standards than do government public schools. For instance, a public school may or may not read one Shakespearean play a year. In typical private or boarding schools, two or three plays by Shakespeare are read as a minimum.

5. Selective Admission: Not all boarding schools freely admit just any student as such. Previous achievement in various areas are all criteria before being admitted. This factor, of course, and being able to afford the school in the first place.

6. Exceptional Library and Media Facilities: A commonly known fact is that many boarding schools maintain library …

Types of Art You Can Buy in Miami

Residents and visitors can buy many wonderful pieces of art in Miami which has a strong reputation for supporting artists of various styles. The trick is knowing just where to look to get the best art available depending on which style interests you the most.


There are several places to get ceramics in Miami. One of the best places to start is at the Ceramic League of Miami located at 8 873 SW 129th Street where various artists present their work in the league’s gallery. Art buyers can often find work by James Herring, Anne Gorden-Vega and Polo Ramirez.


Gallery owners offering paintings to unique clients like George Lindemann in a variety of styles in Miami. The Yeelen Gallery located at 294 NW 54th Street in Little Haiti presents amazing pieces focused on realism and social practice. Very nearby at 6300 NW Second Avenue, the Pan American Arts Project presents art from throughout the Americas with a special emphasis on artists from South and Central America. At Macaya Gallery, located at 145 NW 36th Street in the Wynwood District features thought provoking colorful works of art standing in contrast to the gallery’s white walls.


While the Bakehouse Art Complex located at 561 NW 32nd Street offers art for sale in various mediums, the sculptures here are outstanding. Most are done by local artists including some who work at the Bakehouse full time. Brazilian native Romero Britto’s colorful pop art is known around the world. Many of his works of art are available at his gallery located at 1102 Lincoln Road. Another great place to get sculptures in Miami is at the Avant Gallery located within the Epic Hotel. Many of these pieces of sculpture are not only beautiful but serve a function as well.


While you may find photography in many art studios in Miami, there are some outstanding ones that primarily focus on this form of art. One of those is the Center for Visual Communication located at 541 NW 27th Street where various artists regularly hold exhibitions of their local photography including Everglade shoots. …

Styles of art you can buy in Miami

To find glamor in Miami, one simply has to look at the sky, the crowds on the beach or if you can be more prudent, it’s colorful art deco buildings. The Miami gallery scene has so much to offer and for those who are interested in collecting art, or simply viewing art in Miami, this is the place to be thanks to its cheery advocacy of fine arts. Each year, hordes of art appreciators, amateurs, collectors, curators and dealers go down for a portion of the best art Miami can offer. The art galleries in Miami feature contemporary art as well as paintings, fine art photography, traditional fine art, glass art, print, sculpture and other styles of visual art and also, several galleries in Miami also specialize in Latin American art. Apart from the art galleries, other places you can view art in Miami and snap up some more body of work include boutiques, art stores, community art fairs or the Art Basel Miami Beach which happen annually.

Art enthusiast George Lindemann who visits Miami get their pick when landing in Miami. When it comes to the art collection, it is advisable not to miss out on the art fairs throughout Miami especially the Art Basel Miami Beach. The Art Basel Miami Beach is famously known for its artistic flame that transformed Miami and its place in the global art community. This conglomeration of art enthusiasts is a week-long where one can get to view Miami’s private art sector whose collections which are quite profound and impressive. Some of the leading collections on showcase at the Art Basel include:

The Margulies Collection
Martin Z. Margulies, the famed Miami art collector, has gathered sculptures, photography, installations, and video whose collection includes unforgettable wonders such as an entire train cutout and a towering geometric matrix that will leave you speechless.

The De la Cruz Collection
This couple’s collection at the Contemporary Art Space is Miami’s only free private collection where one can get to see some of their breathtaking collection including the amorphous forms of Aaron Curry, Kathryn Andrews’ huge birthday candles …

Great Chocolate Cookbooks

Chocolate lovers everywhere will enjoy these four decadent baking collections from some of the most recognizable chocolatiers in the world.

Ghirardelli Chocolate Cookbook: Recipes and History from America’s Premier Chocolate Maker

The Ghirardelli name first made history during the California Gold Rush of 1849 when Italian immigrant Domingo Ghirardelli provided miners with delicious chocolate drinks. Ghirardelli has been America’s leading chocolatier ever since as it strives for continued excellence by using only the finest cacao to create its decadent chocolates. This latest edition of The Ghirardelli Cookbook comprises over 80 recipes from the Ghirardelli collection, including peppermint brownies, a holiday favorite, white chocolate treats such as the crème brulee, and more decadent chocolate treasures like the Triple Chocolate Truffle. Special features focusing on how to properly bake and store chocolate and a fun guide on throwing a chocolate party serve to enhance this cookbook. Complete with color photographs of 25 of the most delectable recipes, The Ghirardelli Cookbook makes a lovely gift for any chocolate lover.

Hershey’s Chocolate Cookbook

Hershey’s has been a mainstay in America’s chocolate industry since Milton S. Hershey first marketed his famous cocoa in the 1890s. Chocolate was a decadent treat among only the wealthy at that time and it was Hershey’s dream to make it affordable to everyone. In the century since then, Hershey’s chocolate products have been enjoyed by Americans young and old and many are featured in the Hershey’s Chocolate Cookbook recipe collection. More than 100 desserts are included such as Classic Boston Cream Pie, Rich Cocoa Crinkle Cookies, and the Reese’s Peanut Butter Bark. A guide from Hershey’s baking experts regarding the best way to bake and melt chocolate is also included.

Nestlé Chocolate 3 Cookbooks in 1

The Nestlé Company derives from Switzerland and is renowned across the globe for its various food products. Chocolate was included in its long list of commodities in 1904 after founder Henri Nestlé’s experimentations with the creation of milk chocolate. Since then, Nestlé chocolates have become famous worldwide and many are featured in the 230 recipes included in this collection. The Nestlé Chocolate 3 Cookbooks …