How Urban Real Estate Development Is Helping NYC Neighborhoods

Urban designs and modern energy developments are replacing NYC’s past with new structures. Even the suburbs have chosen new apartment buildings and condominium communities. These new designs are helping improve its neighborhood’s activity centers and downtown village lifestyles. Today, NYC residents have a preference. They are enjoying the ability to customize versus buying a fixer upper. It may be the single reason why urban real estate development is working better today.

Urban Development Trends

The urban real estate development trends have split into several markets. Multi-family housing is undergoing some changes as empty nesters begin downsizing. And the young professionals and growing families are looking for more space. Millennials have taken the leap and looking to enjoy a more urbanized style of living. What they all have in common is a desire for convenience within the neighborhood of choice.

Not everyone’s dream home has a back yard. Real estate developers are listening. Residents will find multiple unit complexes within walking distance to transportation systems and the social luxuries of NYC. The designs in NYC are upgraded with functional modern spaces. It’s a quality of life found only in NYC existing in thriving real estate communities.

Neighborhood Amenities

City life in NYC is vibrant with its restaurants, concert hall, movie theaters and parks. Today, there are more choices of modern housing from townhouses, condominiums to apartments. As part of the revitalization the new construction is comprised of rental units. And located on the bottom floor for easy access are retail stores and cultural spaces. A few celebrities choosing to make NYC communities home include Adam Sandler, Ann Hathaway, Joe Sitt, and Eddie Murphy.

Urban real estate development has helped to fulfil dreams. For many choosing to live at a distance from the inner city but still close to the action is a goal. Growing families are opting to take advantage of sharing community services. And individuals who grew up in suburbs with close net communities have a desire to raise their own families in the same environment.


Real estate developers are creating designs to fit a changing a city and diverse lifestyles. Residents are looking for their own urban style today. Companies like Spandrel Development are investing in residential and resort developments. The Forest City Ratner Companies are involved in local communities and economic development. Foster and Partners are focused on residential and industrial development.