Family-owned Real Estate Development Companies in Washington DC

Washington D.C is a cosmopolitan city with millions of people inhabiting it. Also being the nation’s capital, several central government activities are based in the city. Thus, the demand for housing is very high. Many organizations need buildings to house their activities. Individuals working within the city also may wish to have homes strategic to their working places.

Real estate managers such as Frank L Haney are greatly contributing towards ensuring adequate housing within the city. Washington has experienced a lot of development in the real estate industry. New buildings are being built while the old are also getting refurbished. Green technology that incorporates sustainability is taking the building industry by storm to better the structures being constructed.

Family owned private companies continue to provide homes and buildings for business premises at considerably pocket friendly prices. According to statistics, the average price of a home in Washington has continued to be affordable. The prices have been considered to be appealing to both home-buyers and investors. The Washington D.C investors are keen in investing on local markets.

Real estate developers in Washington D.C.

Washington D.C has some of the best family developers in the real estate industry. The developers can be traced back to the Second World War. The businesses have been passed to generation over many years. They are currently controlling the real estate industry. Some of the popular family-owned real estate companies include;

The Lerner: Established in 1952 by Ted Lerner. The company has for any years been famous for building classic offices. The company owns Tysons Corner, National Park, co-owns Washington Square with and White Flint Mall with Tower Companies.

The Donhoes: Founded by John Donhoe in 1884. The company deals with properties ranging from construction, development, hospitality and real estate. The company manages the National Guard Memorial.

Douglas Development: it was founded in 1985. It is among the largest property owners in Washington. Its properties range from commercial offices, residential mixed and retail buildings. It owns premises including Woodward and Lothrop and Capital One Arena among other properties.

Clark Construction: A national reputable real estate company founded in 1992. It is associated with property management, development construction and investments management. It has won many awards nationally. It owns premises such as City Centre DC, US Coastguard HQ, and Arena Stage just to mention a few.

The city boasts of several other reputable real estate firms. Visit the nearest better business bureau for more information.