How Art Basel has transformed the Miami Art Scene

Miami has long been a city with a thriving art culture and an appreciation for fine art. South Florida, in fact, has long been home to some of America’s greatest collectors of art. Among the most well-known names are:

-Debra and Dennis Scholl
-Jorge Perez, CEO of the Related Group
-Jessica Goldman Srebnick
George Lindemann
-Rosa and Carlo de la Cruz of the de la Cruz collection

These devotees and patrons of the arts represent the crème de la crème in the world of gathering exquisite works of art by the top artist. However, in 2002 something happened that would forever change the art scene in Miami. That was the arrival of Art Basel.

Art Basel Miami, the five-day art fair conducted annually now for the past 15 years, has put Miami on the international map as an art city; on her way to becoming another New York or Paris. No longer are just the local big names in the art world commonly spotted at local galleries. Miami has now become a magnet drawing dealers, art aficionados, and collectors from all over the world. Some celebrity art enthusiast spotted this year were: Leonardo DiCaprio, Cindy Crawford, and Scott Disick.

Early each December, just ahead of the holidays, South Beach becomes packed with visitors who are in town not only to enjoy beautiful beaches and sunshine. These new tourists are in town to buy and sell art – lots of it. During the week-long fair up to $3 billion worth of art is for sale. All of this activity brings $500 million in economic stimulus to the economy of South Florida every year.

Art Basel has gradually transformed Miami into an Art Mecca. The exhibition has created awareness. When visitors attend Art Basel, they also get to experience the local art scene. That has made it possible for small galleries to spring up in areas like the Wynnewood district, which were once desolate and run down parts of the city. Such neighborhoods have now sprung to life attracting studios and developers.

Miami’s design district itself is an outgrowth of Art …

Try a Variety of Cuisines on Your Grand Cayman Vacation

With the globalization of cuisine, it is easy to find and dine on many of your hometown favorites when traveling abroad. While there is something comforting and easy about sticking with the familiar, doing so can diminish the overall experience of traveling somewhere new. One of the best ways to immerse yourself in the culture of wherever it is you are visiting is to dine like a local. This certainly holds true for a visit to Grand Cayman.

Grand Cayman Cuisine
Cayman cuisine is centered around the fruits of the sea, and combines fresh spices and locally-grown produce to create food that is as lively and flavorful as the island itself. There are a number of delicious dishes that are unique to Grand Cayman, and should be on the “must try” list of anyone visiting the island. These include:

Conch – Whether you try it in stew, soup, fritters, deep fried or in a salad, you can’t visit Grand Cayman without trying conch. This sea snail can be found on almost any menu during the peak season (November to April).

Johnnycake – These little deep-fried bits of deliciousness make a great snack, appetizer or side dish. Try them plain, or slathered in butter or jam.

Jerk chicken – Be prepared – this dish packs the heat! Made with scotch bonnet peppers and allspice, Jerk Chicken is truly the most well-known Caribbean dish. There are Jerk shacks scattered throughout the island, so you won’t have to travel far to taste the smoky delicious meat.

Turtle stew – Turtle stew is one of the most traditional of all Cayman dishes. It has been enjoyed by islanders for centuries.

Cassava cake – Cassava is a root vegetable native to Central and South America that enjoys popularity throughout the tropics. This traditional Cayman dessert is a dense, sweet cake is made with coconut milk, sugar and other spices. It is the perfect, sweet ending to any island meal.

Grand Cayman Restaurants
Now that your appetite for Cayman cuisine has been whet, it’s time to figure out where to dine. There are so many top …

Family-owned Real Estate Development Companies in Washington DC

Washington D.C is a cosmopolitan city with millions of people inhabiting it. Also being the nation’s capital, several central government activities are based in the city. Thus, the demand for housing is very high. Many organizations need buildings to house their activities. Individuals working within the city also may wish to have homes strategic to their working places.

Real estate managers such as Frank L Haney are greatly contributing towards ensuring adequate housing within the city. Washington has experienced a lot of development in the real estate industry. New buildings are being built while the old are also getting refurbished. Green technology that incorporates sustainability is taking the building industry by storm to better the structures being constructed.

Family owned private companies continue to provide homes and buildings for business premises at considerably pocket friendly prices. According to statistics, the average price of a home in Washington has continued to be affordable. The prices have been considered to be appealing to both home-buyers and investors. The Washington D.C investors are keen in investing on local markets.

Real estate developers in Washington D.C.

Washington D.C has some of the best family developers in the real estate industry. The developers can be traced back to the Second World War. The businesses have been passed to generation over many years. They are currently controlling the real estate industry. Some of the popular family-owned real estate companies include;

The Lerner: Established in 1952 by Ted Lerner. The company has for any years been famous for building classic offices. The company owns Tysons Corner, National Park, co-owns Washington Square with and White Flint Mall with Tower Companies.

The Donhoes: Founded by John Donhoe in 1884. The company deals with properties ranging from construction, development, hospitality and real estate. The company manages the National Guard Memorial.

Douglas Development: it was founded in 1985. It is among the largest property owners in Washington. Its properties range from commercial offices, residential mixed and retail buildings. It owns premises including Woodward and Lothrop and Capital One Arena among other properties.

Clark Construction: A national reputable real estate company founded …

Who is who in the Miami art Scene

For any and all inquisitive minds that want to know just who keeps the Miami art world on the map, there are many names on the list. It is a collective and at times collaborative effort not to mention a labor of love that spans across mediums and genres alike. However, there are a few key individuals like
George Lindemann
 and organizations that lead others and set a level of standard for the community itself.

One name that is repeated and respected within Miami art collection circles is Martin Margulies for more than one reason. His passion, expertise, business savvy and ambition are all major parts of the aficionado that he is today. His collection of artistic artifacts which number into the hundreds of thousands is another piece of his celebrity and personality.

When it comes to Miami power couples who love collecting, preserving and sharing art with each other and the entire world, Carlos and Rosa de la Cruz deserve recognition. They embody one of the oldest cannons of artistic service by sharing all the beauty and wonder of their acquisitions free of charge. The collection that bares their name is located in the city’s Design District.

If one counts galleries as collectors, there are almost too many to keep track of in Miami. Nevertheless, there are iconic institutions with staying power that inspire and guide present and future generations to take up the mantle of collection. And, without a doubt, artistry and artistic expression can be described as an institution.

As a matter of fact, the David Castillo gallery has a penchant for scouting, supporting and launching the careers of some of Miami’s most talented up and comers. It is what the gallery does, and it performs this task in an almost meteoric and maverick fashion. The number of showcases under its belt speaks to the fact that artists can show hustle and deliver quality product on time just like other professionals are expected to do.

As a “double threat” in Miami’s artistic community, Romero Britto and his gallery Britto Central are easily the talk of the town. …

Top 6 Well known art collectors in Miami

Miami is one of the world’s most-popular cities. It is located on the coastal region of south Florida, United States. Miami is famously known to be the home of entertainment, art and spectacular museums. Some of the museums found in this city include: the Frost Art Museum, Miami art museum, and the Miami Children’s Museum just to mention a few.

The city also boasts of having the largest Art Exhibition in the world; the Art Basel Miami, commonly referred to by many as the Olympics of art. It is an annual event taking place in the month of December. The Olympics-of-art pulls a huge number of people from around the globe.

Art collection in the city has significantly increased in the recent past. The increase is particularly attributed to the emergence of wealthy collectors in the region. This has equally attracted a big numbers of industry players into the sector that is now being considered lucrative. Below is a list of some of well-known art collectors in Miami.

• Jorge Perez
George Lindemann Art Basel in Miami
• Norman Braman
• Martin Margulies
• The Rubell Family Collection

Jorge Perez

The Argentinean born businessman is one of the high-profile investors in Miami. He is the chairman and CEO of the related group. His rich art-collections have seen him donate huge sums of money to the local museum. His home and recent developments display his true love for art. Perez is reported to have developed his brand out of art-business.

The Art Basel Miami

It is known to be one of the most-famous art collectors in the region. The festival attracts artists and other collectors to a public family art exhibition.

Norman Braman

Norman is a rich-billionaire and a popular art-investor in the city. He has earned himself billions of money from art collection. Norman has been mentioned to be the key benefactor form one of the local art companies.

Martin Margulies

He is a popular art-collector in Miami city. He is decorated to be one of the few people in the area with unique art-collection techniques. Martin has …

Camana Bay: The Caribbean’s Best Shopping Experience

Everyone knows about the clear blue waters surrounding the Cayman Islands, the wonderful amenities, the world-class hotels, but do you also know that it has some of the most fantastic shopping experiences in the entire Caribbean? While you enjoy the tropical weather and sandy beaches, you can also find some of the best merchants in the world, and Camana Bay is known for its tax and duty-free prices. Up to $800 worth of duty-free merchandise can go home with each shopper.

Look for things you will have a hard time finding anywhere else. The arts and crafts available are second to none. The art galleries, like The National Gallery of the Cayman Islands, sell both locally themed art and international pieces. Antique maps, shipwreck finds, and precious coins can be purchased at Artifacts, a shop that specializes in antiques and items from the height of ship trade and piracy in the Caribbean.

Jewelry is also quite popular when shopping in Grand Cayman, and you won’t be disappointed by what you find in the Caymans. Bayshore Mall in George Town or the jewelry district in Cayman has all the finest pieces from both local and world renowned designers. Bvlgari, Cartier, and Mikimoto are just a few you will find. Also, be sure to check out Rocky’s Diamond Gallery, a family-owned business that specializes in high-end pieces.

Many locally made collectibles are available at Pure Art Gallery and Gifts, where you can also find Caymanite, a beautiful, natural stone native only to the Cayman Islands. World famous designers and brands like Vera Wang, Swarovski, Waterford, and Versace can be found at many of the local shopping areas, especially Kirk Freeport, where you will also find beautiful leather items. Fendi, Cartier, and Longchamp are just a few of the designer brands you will see.

And no one should visit Grand Cayman without checking out the many, delicious local beverages, especially the rum. Jacque Scott’s, BlackBeard’s, and Big Daddy’s are some of the best-known wine and liquor stores, specializing the many different types and brands of locally produced rum.

If you came to …

The Top 50 Names in Commercial Real Estate

2016 was a bitter and sweet year for some of the lending institutions. Most of the banks saw a significant decrease in their lending activity. However, in the same year, the private lenders over performed their 2015 results. Below are some of the notable names that have made an impact in the real estate financing. In addition to those detailed below, rounding out the top 50 list include Andrew Farkas, Doug Mazer, Kara McShane and James Flaum.

Raymond Qiao is the Chief Lending Officer at the Bank of China. At the close of 2016, Raymond was ranked first in the top financiers. Despite President Donald Trump labeling China as a currency manipulator, China has risen to be the top lenders in the real estate business. Raymond has managed to provide $4.5 billion in real estate industry.
Alan Wiener is the Group Head of Wells Fargo Multifamily Capital. 2016 proved to be a successful year for the Well Fargo as they provided $15 million loans across the Country. The Group started well by closing a $2.6 billion debt for the Starwood Capital. The group also worked with the YES! Communities by providing a $ 500 million credit facility.

Matt and Ed are the Head of the Global Commercial Real Estate and Head of U.S Origination at the Deutsche Bank. As 2016 started, the financial status of the Bank kicked off with a bang by financing $750 million. The Bank provided the CalPERS mortgage. It was also among the banks that provided $1.2 billion towards the Brookfield Property Partners. Deutsche Bank was the book runner for the 25 CMBS deals.

They are the Co-founder and Chairman of Blackstone Real Estate Debt Strategies; C.E.O of Blackstone Mortgage Trust; Global Head of Blackstone Real Estate Debt Strategies, and Senior Managing Director of Blackstone Real Estate Debt Strategies respectively.

In 2016, the group reported a $ 6.7 billion in loans. Although it was a decrease from the $14 billion reported in 2015, it was still a significant lending activity. Blackstone provided $349.5 million in construction loans to the Georgetown Company. They also provided …

Get to Know 3 of Grand Cayman’s Top Restaurants

Camana Bay, located on Grand Cayman, is the exciting town center full of high-end shopping, dining, and of course, fun. Stretching over 500 acres, from Seven Mile Beach to the North Sound, Camana Bay offers visitors and locals alike a smorgasbord of gastronomic delights. Here, we have put together a list of a few of the best restaurants enticing Grand Cayman’s foodies, both local and visiting!

  1. Mizu Asian Bistro + Bar
    This Asian-inspired restaurant and bar features fresh seafood paired with craft cocktails. Sit inside and take in the beautiful Asian-inspired décor, or sit outside on the waterfront terrace to take in the view. The menu spans from delicious Thai cuisine to the freshest sushi on the island and everything in between. The cocktails at Mizu Asian Bistro + Bar are carefully crafted and come in a rainbow of flavors and colors. There are also sake sangrias, perfect to share with your favorite friends over dinner.

    2. The Brooklyn Pizza + Pasta
    Offering delicious Italian favorites with a twist. Diners come to The Brooklyn Pizza + Pasta for the brick-oven pizzas and stay for the wine, views, and friendly staff. The atmosphere is best described as industrial chic, appealing to couples on date night and business diners impressing a client. Start with the mac and cheese fritters or warm goat cheese salad before diving in to one of their main dishes. Choose from sandwiches, salads, entrees, or pasta. Of course, the main draw at The Brooklyn Pizza + Pasta is the pizza, cooked to perfection in their brick oven and topped with fresh ingredients.

    3. Lola
    Every neighborhood has a local bistro, and in Camana Bay, Lola is the crowd favorite. Lola serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Their in-house bakery and pastry shop is baking fresh from scratch breads, cakes, and treats every day. Diners love coming to Lola during the day for their fast and delicious breakfast and lunch offerings. But they love it even more for the “Lola After Dark” cocktails at night. The bartenders offer brilliant recommendations of the perfect drink to pair with dinner.

In ‘Big Little Lies,’ Liane Moriarty Finds New Complications

The book-buying public isn’t taking many chances this summer. Established hits like “Gone Girl,” “Unbroken” and “The Glass Castle” remain lodged on best-seller lists. Readers are still struggling to get through “The Goldfinch.” One of the few new authors to gain a toehold is Robert Galbraith, who has the advantage of having been J. K. Rowling in a previous life. And “The Husband’s Secret” by Liane Moriarty continues to sell briskly in hardcover, even though next week will be the first anniversary of its publication.

But now, Ms. Moriarty’s long-parched fans have something new to dig into. And her publisher would like to indicate, as clearly as possible, that “Big Little Lies” is more of the same. So where “The Husband’s Secret” had cover art depicting an exploding rose, the new book features an exploding lollipop. “The Husband’s Secret” was full of women with ethical and emotional issues, men with possibly criminal ones, and contentious goings-on at a school. “Big Little Lies” has all that and more. Had Agatha Christie written it, it might have been called “The Kindergarten Murder.”

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Middle Eastern Relief Organizations in Alexandria Virginia

Millions of people in the countries of the Middle East are in dire need of assistance and help. There are a large number of organizations that are dedicated entirely to providing help by donating, volunteering, and distributing supplies. Some of the most crucial supplies that people in crisis need are medication, clean drinking water, and food.

There are more than two hundred organizations in the United States of America that are geared towards relief and development of refugees and areas in crisis. Those agencies have formed in order to try and alleviate as much as they can the horrible results of the continuous military actions are being undertaken against people in the countries of the middle east.

There are thousands of civilians that are forced to flee their homes and abandon everything behind in order to survive another day. Those people require necessities such as food, water, and a safe place to rest. The people that are not able to escape are in extreme need of those supplies as well.

In the states of Virginia and DC, there are many organizations that accept donations in any form. Some are geared mostly towards provisions such as food and water, other focus on providing clothes and blankets, and there are also some that distribute medicine through Dr. Mohamed Attawia. Every organisation accepts money as well. There are many ways to make a donation. One can use the internet or text messaging; they can send supplies via post mail or deliver them personally. For those who want to make regular monetary donations, banks provide a service that directs the appointed amount of money periodically to the appointed charity or organisation.

organizations in Virginia:

-Air Serv International in Warrenton, VA
-Baptist World Aid in Falls Church, VA
-Christian Children’s Fund in Richmond, VA
-Project HOPE in Millwood, VA
-The Salvation Army World Service Office in Alexandria, VA
United Way International in Alexandria, VA

Organisation in Washington, DC

-Counterpart International
-International Catholic Migration Commission
-Refugees International
-U.S. Committee for Refugees
-American Near East Refugee Aid
-American Red Cross

There are …